How Light Can Be Used to Make Rooms Appear Bigger.

The more light there is in a space the airier and larger it looks and feels.   Here are four ways light can be used to make rooms feel bigger.

 1. Add Skylights:Velux Skylight

Adding skylights to any roof greatly amplifies the amount of natural light in the room below. Windows are not as effective at bringing in the light as they are on a lower level and often have structures obstructing the light they can let in. Skylights can be extremely effective at lifting a ceiling visually. They are especially effective in opening up the sense of space in attic rooms with lower sloped ceilings.

2. Build Light Into Cabinets:

Use light built into the bottom of cabinetry in open display areas to make them appear lighter and feel like they float. The lighter look also has them seem like they occupy less volume in the space.

 3. Use torchiere style floor lights, or wall mounted”up” lighting in a room.

Use torchiere or floor lamps that put a light source higher up than usual and “wash” the ceiling with light. This will visually lift the ceiling and make a room feel brighter and taller.

Wall mounted light fixtures (sconces) located high on a wall, that focus light upwards has the same effect. Light that is bounced off the ceiling is a softer illumination than light coming directly down on us.

 4. “Wash” walls with the light from track heads or pot lights.

Wall washing with pot (down) lights or track lights from a ceiling angled towards the walls will make them lighter and visually push them back and achieves a more spacious impression.
A wider flood bulb in a track head will strengthen the effect of washing the walls with light.
It is best to avoid locating pot (down ) lights directly down the center of a narrow corridor.This makes the middle of the hall bright and the walls on either side darker, which visually brings the side walls closer in and narrows the corridor. Using light ( as above) makes the corridor feel wider.
Wall washing also has the added benefit of highlighting artwork or interesting texture on the walls.

We associate a feeling of openness and spaciousness with the volume of light that we see in a space.  Creatively used light can visually”lift” elements and “move” walls apart changing our impression of the shape and size of a room.

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4 Ways Light Can Make Rooms Feel Bigger.
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One thought on “4 Ways Light Can Make Rooms Feel Bigger.

  • October 18, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Hi Sheila,
    All great suggestions on how to bring light into the home! My fav is skylights. I have skylights installed in hallways that tend to get little natural light and are dark. It always made a big impact and a wow!


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