About You:

You really love your location, and some things about your house, but find that many things do not work at all ?

You are in an older Toronto home with character that you appreciate but you struggle daily with the fact that it was not designed for today’s lifestyle ? Are you frustrated with a kitchen design or bathroom that just does not have enough space?

You have been investigating interior design and renovation ideas in magazines and on t.v. but you are stuck with who? how? and where to start? and you are not sure if you need to resize the existing spaces ? or add space?

You Want:

kitchen addition TorontoYou want your values and your voice to be heard at the same time as you want to be guided through a process that is mostly unfamiliar to you.

You value creativity balanced with logic as the way to find solutions to problems.

You want someone to help you to align your choices with your values; whether it be using eco-friendly materials, or surrounding yourself with natural materials, or finding artisans and craftsman to make unique décor items, or whatever it is that is important for you to include in your home renovation.

You value high quality workmanship and attention to detail.

You want to trust your vision for your home to someone who will tenaciously stand up for it and work hard to bring it to life.

You value your time and you wish to work with an experienced guide who can stream-line this process for you. Your appreciation for professional experience leads you to search for a designer who has plenty to share to work with.

You seek meaningful relationships (in general) and a desire to experience respectful connections with those who you hire for your home design.

If this is you then know you have found the right design resource who understands your needs and values.

About A Home You Love Designs:

The founder and principal designer of A Home You Love Designs is Sheila Doris.

In collaboration with a lot of skilled and talented tradespeople, artisans and contractors Sheila has helped many clients to transform their problem spaces into homes they love.

About Sheila:

Sheila Doris, Interior Designer TorontoSheila has a degree in Interior Design from Ryerson University and a background in Fine Arts. She has been enthusiastically working in the field of Design and Renovation for 30+ years.

Sheila is an accredited member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) and of Interior Designers of Canada.

With a strong desire to share her experience and expertise she has taught in the college system, created public education seminars, and written articles on Design, Décor & Renovation.
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What I Believe:

I believe that well planned homes do make life easier, and the process of renovation does not have to be a nightmare. With the right information and project management remodeling and resizing can be a very rewarding journey.

I believe my role in the process is to help the homeowners to clarify their vision and to prepare them for the renovation process. I help them to manage their home project so that decision making and sourcing of materials and  trades flows, and stress levels are greatly reduced.

I believe that clear communication between trades and the homeowner is critical to the comfort of both parties throughout a renovation and my experience allows me to translate  “construction” language for my client and “aesthetics and desires and needs” to the contractor.

To read more about Sheila’s Approach, click here.

What I do:

1.   I creatively solve space problems in your home’s design.

2.   I help you understand your design style and ensure your renovation plan is aligned with it.

3.   I conveniently source materials and resources for you that you would swear were made just for you.

How I do it:

  • I do these three things with as much attention to your experience of the process as I do to the outcome of your project.
  • I have a keen awareness of the confusion you may have about the path forward, the stress you may encounter about making smart choices, and about aligning with a budget, and the vulnerability you may experience with the unknown aspects of the renovation process.
  • I am a strong advocate for my clients’ vision with the suppliers, tradespeople and consultants who play important roles in implementing that vision.

My 30+ years of experience with a variety of projects and people has shaped my design process, which ensures that you meet your goals and enjoy the journey.

Why I do it:

  • I am deeply connected to minimizing the internal conflict often arising in homeowners out of the desire to renovate and create beautiful spaces and to “get it right”.
  • I love to help people redesign their homes to create spaces for them to feel and be their best in.

After completing an addition on my own home, I can say I truly get the overwhelm one feels from the invasion of noise, dirt, strangers in the house, and power and water shut offs that accompany construction.

I also know the deep satisfaction that comes from standing in a space that you have chosen to build, that is as you decided you wanted it to be, and that is as individual as you are.