An example of removing a wall and adding a small amount of space to accomplish a complete transformation in a Toronto Home.

Kitchen Design and Addition , Toronto.

The Issues With The Existing Home: Poor Kitchen Layout & Front Entry

This is a story of a Toronto home with a fair amount of overall space but a some tight , and poorly designed areas.

The main floor had plenty of room in the center hallway around the staircases, but the front-door area was too cramped and the kitchen was not big enough for two people to work in comfortably; the eat in area blocked access to doorway to the backyard, and was also really tight.

The original 30-year old kitchen needed a redesign, the plan did not work well and it was not a place that reflected the homeowners’ energy or style.

The Den next to the kitchen was small and we explored the possibility of adding space or removing the wall between it and the kitchen.

The Renovation/ Addition:

A large portion of the wall between the kitchen and the den was removed to give the kitchen a more open feeling and a view of the fireplace.

A modest addition 5′-0″ deep by the full length of the kitchen, and one approximately 5′-0″ x 7′-0″ to the front door was the total extent of adding space to the home, and the movement in and out of the home and between spaces was radically altered.

A new kitchen layout, the redesign of the den, and refurbishing of the powder room and laundry room completed the transformation of the ground floor.

The entrances and exits to all of the spaces were reconfigured to greatly improve the flow in the house , and to the outdoors.  We removed a 5′-0″ section of wall between the kitchen and den to give both areas more light and an expanded feeling. This opening also allowed the kitchen a view of the fireplace.  In all of the areas we updated and upgraded the floor and wall finishes

Skylights in the two new additions bring natural light into previously dark areas and created a feeling of spacious. .

With the addition and a new layout movement for two in the work area of the kitchen now flows smoothly. The large island allows for food prep, eating, and serving appetizers when entertaining. A small desk area for a mail and a phone center is tucked into a corner at the entry and provides a  spot for a laptop.

The generous multi functional island separates the kitchen work area from the traffic flow to the outside and to the den. A new outdoor dining area, accessed by new garden doors from the kitchen, is in view of the new bay window at the sink.

As the client wanted the kitchen is now the hub of the home.

New Kitchen Natural materials including granite countertops,wood flooring and the stone backsplash add texture and rich colours to the kitchen space.

The taupe glaze on the white wood cabinets allows them to feel light and airy and provides interesting texture.

Main Floor Redesign in York MillsLit display cabinets on both sides of the opening to the den showcase the homeowners, collection of beautiful handmade, one-of-a-kind pottery.

The renovation and addition completely transform this home . Natural light has been added and previously tight areas are now comfortable and flow and expand and integrate into adjoining spaces.

It is a great example of an interior design project by S.I. Design to update an older home for today’s lifestyle.