Kitchen renovation Toronto

Renovation Service:

A Complete Renovation Service Has Four Stages – Analysis, Design, Development, and Building /Implementation.

In the Analysis Stage we:

Help you determine clearly your style so that you can  easily select the products and materials to express it.
Identify and clarify the functional needs to satisfy in the plan of your space.
Help you to Assess and Prioritize your needs, desires and values to determine what project aspects warrant the greatest investment.

In the Design Stage we:

Present floor plans that work for your needs. That create flow and ease in your spaces.
Help you edit design and decor options so that choosing what will work is much simpler.
Select or Design cabinets and soft furnishings for your functional needs and that reflect your style and values.

In The Development Stage we:

Prepare detailed floors and construction drawings and help you to acquire the required permits.
Help you to source and interview contractors and trades appropriate for the project.
Review drawings with the trades people or contractors to ensure that you get accurate quotes and advocate for you making sure services are absolutely right.

In The Building / Implementation Stage We:

Source products needed, accessing elements available exclusively to designers.
Help keep the process on track and focused on your original vision.                                                                                     Advocate for you with tradespeople, cabinet makers and workers building your vision.

Our Renovation Service takes you from dreaming through design and helps you to find the right people to do the work for you. We help you to have decisions made before they are needed and to have materials selected and details ironed out before construction is in progress.

We lead you through the steps to make the renovation process as smooth and stress less as possible.


Space Planning & Design Service

You may have a builder in mind who will handle the development and construction of the renovation and only need help with design and space planning. We are happy to work with any builder or architect you have selected.

The Planning & Design service offers you the Analysis and Design stages to solve space issues in your home. We get more light, space, amenities or storage to make life easier and create a home you love. We will provide help with the design and details of materials & cabinetry.

We also help you with colour consulting for the interior and exterior of your project.