Interior Design Seminars in Toronto

A Home You Love Designs is pleased to frequently present informative Interior Design Seminars conducted at different locations. These seminars focus on how to create a home you love.


Your Work Space Can Boost Your Success

Dec.7, 2017     Vandenberg House   7:00-8:30 1400 Queen St. East, Toronto.  

The best asset a business has is the business owner. The most successful entrepreneurs know that a huge part of success is MINDSET. A work space can support & boost a positive MINDSET or encourage overwhelm & procrastination.

This seminar focuses on how the environment can increase motivation, energy and inspiration. Organization techniques to make work productive & efficient will also be covered.

Learn how to increase creativity & energy by harnessing the power of Colour Psychology, Aromatherapy, Lighting and more.


Past Events in Ontario

An Introduction To Create A Happier Healthier Home.

Nov.11,2017    Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville 9:30 am-10:30


Past Events In Toronto

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Sept 25th 6:30-8:00, 2017  at a .  S.Walter Stewart Library,     170 Memorial Park Ave.                               ( Coxwell & Cosburn)

Boost Your Health & Happiness In your Home

We will focus on shifting the energy in your home with a look at elements that increase pleasure & well being.

2 Elements to incorporate that will also affect both your physical health and well-being will also be covered.

Join us at this lovely Toronto East Library for an enlightening evening.


Curb Appeal -Library announc.

Boost your Home’s Curb Appeal

August 1, 2017- 6:30-8:30, 170 memorial Park Ave.

S.Walter Stewart Library,( Coxwell & Cosburn)

Toronto East.

 Lee Valley Store EastLee Valley Tools-Scarborough Store

Maximizing The Storage In your Kitchen.



 Sheila Doris, ARIDO, is available to  present seminars on Interior Design , Renovation  and Decor topics.

She can be reached at  or 416-266-2717 to schedule a seminar event.