Are you unhappy with your home and tired of struggling with lack of space and storage in it?

Do you want to love your home and it’s design?

Are you ready to change your home life for the better?

Do you really love your location, and some things about your house, but find that many things do not work at all ?

Are you are in an older Toronto home with character that you appreciate but you struggle daily with the fact that it was not designed for today’s lifestyle ? Are you frustrated with a kitchen design or bathroom that just does not have enough space?

You may have been investigating interior design and renovation ideas in magazines and on t.v. but you are stuck with who? how? and where to start? and you are not sure if you need to resize the existing spaces ? or add space?

You want a home that really works, and that is really YOU.

Bathroom Storage

You want a home that you love to come home to and to share with others.

Like most home owners you have mixed feelings about renovation and resizing:

You have concerns about the upheaval, the costs, and all the decisions to be made. It can be overwhelming.

The home décor market bombards you with information on the products needed to create the right “look”.

You are the kind of person to whom it is critical that both function and aesthetics are taken care of and you want more than Decor trends.

You want flow and ease in your physical environment and well designed spaces that will make your life easier.

You want to get a home you love with as much ease as possible through the process.

Are you ready to move forward and to act on the design pictures you have been saving for a long time ?

Is it time for you to create the kind of home you have always wanted?

When you have decided to give yourself a home that you love then the next step is to get the right help to do that.

If using your time efficiently is important to you then working with an interior  designer who has lots of experience and knows the renovation process is a smart choice to do that.

If you want to work with an experienced designer on your renovation who shares your values of; sourcing high quality workmanship and materials, paying attention to details, and being creative and smart with the use of space, then you are in the right place.

Explore our approach to home design, read more on our about and services pages and see our project pictures. Help yourself to Free resources about design, planning and renovation, and we are ready to answer your questions about renovation.

We offer a complimentary Renovation Strategy Session

We are happy to explore your needs for remodeling your home. We can help you gain clarity on direction and the renovation process. We are pleased to give you information about plans & permits, project stages, hiring contractors and the best place to begin your renovation journey.

We will share any complimentary resources that we have, answer any questions you have, and explore how our services might work for you.

Email us at or call us at 416-266-2717 to set up your Renovation Strategy Session.


Sheila Doris, BAA, the principal designer of A Home You Love Designs and S.I.Design  is a member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ADIDO), and of IDC.Interior Designers of Canada

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