Christmas Decor Tells Us About Ourselves.

Is Christmas a time of decorating on steroids? We add wreaths to the door, greenery on the steps, outdoor lights, decor towels in the washroom, table linens, and of course a tree to our homes.

Xmas Decor

It is amazing all of the themed decor accents for the Christmas season….. Do you love this? or not so much? Is it over the top? and excessive for you? or do you love this time of year visually?

I am always fascinated by the differing approaches people take to Christmas Decorating. How you decorate for Christmas can give you great insight into yourself.

Are you happy or do you feel let down to pack away your Holiday decor ? The answer to this, how you decorate, and when you take it down,  reflects your personality and tells you a lot about your aesthetic.

If clean and uncluttered is your look I bet you can’t wait to remove the minimal holiday props you put out for the season. You are most likely a direct and straightforward speaker also.

If colour, texture and twinkie lights are a visual joy to you, and you attach memories to decor elements, then I’m sure taking down the tree feels sad to you. You may wait till almost the last tree pick up by the city. ( Of course you have a real tree).

Now if your opinion is somewhere in the middle about holiday decor and you take a restrained approach to Christmas you are someone probably who enjoys your accents but who needs to re-establish your routine decor at the first of January. This is often a reflection of your way of life….you participate in directional trends but in a restrained subtle way and enjoy being in your own groove.

Christmas has many unconscious memories and lots of history in our psyche so if you are very different in your approach to Holiday Decor than your normal way of living …this is certainly food for thought for you.

There are no right or wrong approaches ….. minimalist, uncluttered,  richly textural, sentimental, tailored, etc.but   pay attention if you found yourself enjoying some new decor this year. What you found interesting, or were finished with shows where you are headed in the near future. What were you moving away from and tired of?

Were you any bolder or softer this year in your decorating? What did you find yourself craving? natural materials? or rich metalics? Pay attention to what you gravitate to…..there are clues here to what you may be missing in your everyday decor or life.

We all need to feel “at home” in our surroundings. Knowing ourselves and our aesthetic is an important advantage in any Decor or Makeover project you may tackle in the future. It helps us to make decisions quicker and without ambivalence.

I believe Design & Decor choices give us a wonderful way to express who we are in the world we live most intimately in. Enjoy discovering yourself.

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Christmas Decor Tells Us About Ourselves

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